Ss. Simon and Jude Catholic Church

32500 Palmer Rd. 
Westland, MI 48186
CSA 2020-21
    Due to COVID-19, the Archdiocese of Detroit has decided to handle the CSA program from its downtown offices.  That means they will be sending out the donor cards from downtown, and all parishioners who are participating will be mailing their donations directly downtown--not through the parish office.
    The Archdiocese is also offering a phone line to call in your donations directly: (888) 331-8695.
    During this CSA drive, you will be sent 3 different letters at separate times; you can donate once if you are giving a lump sum, or you can break up your donation into 3 separate payments.  All payments are to be made out to the Archdiocese of Detroit and sent directly downtown, not to the parish office.  When mailing your payments, make sure to include the donor card they will be sending you.  The Archdiocese will send you a tax receipt for your donations as usual. 
    This campaign will officially start in August.  You can always donate sooner if you are going to call in your donation.  Keep an eye out for more information in our bulletin or here on our website.